April 11, 2014

Some weeks ago, we revisited Sevilla… Three days to re-discover the timeless, enchanting, magnificent wonder that is Sevilla!!
We chose not to go in the “crazy” days of “Semana Santa”, when the city just bursts with people from all over the world. We wanted to experience a more tranquil Sevilla, as beautiful if not more, as ever!! During the next days,we will be posting and sharing images we loved!! Hope you enjoy them as well!!…..


Palacio de Villapanés… Our home for three days in Sevilla!! What a wonder!! What a majestic, elegant, beauty of a place!! We made the right choice in booking this 18th century palace, remodeled, but with all Sevilla’s charm as we imagined it to be originally…



You can’t think of a Sevilla palace without a beautiful interior courtyard.. or two, or three.. just can’t!!! Soooo lovely by night as well!!




Great concierge service!! Just ask…. Found us a fantastic guide that was willing to walk, and walk, and walk…….


Love the mix of traditional and modern ….



Can just imagine the 18th century ladies with their wonderful dresses coming down this staircase….


High, high ceilings… lovely original woodwork!! Every corner a new discovery!!



Such a charming and happy library room!!


Palacio de Villapanés, Sevilla, our home for three days..
Tomorrow…. Sevilla in four words!!!

April 10, 2014

I’ve said it before… I’ll say it again….  Tokyo’s young fashionistas are the coolest, most creative crowd ever!! I never tire of their soooo unique, sometimes outlandish, always surprising ways of interpreting fashion and fashion trends!! It can be a bow, or a hose, or a shoe, or a bag, or just the way they put their looks together… fashion is always fun !! Just enjoy their creativity in this slideshow!!


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