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Dior And I…

For eight weeks, Frédéric Tcheng documented the behind-the-scenes that lead up to the creation of Raf Simon's first couture collection for Dior as its new artistic director.. The movie will be debuting worldwide this March...

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The Show Outside the Shows #3…

Sometimes, the best show is outside the shows..

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Little Pleasures…

Just couldn’t resist when I saw them at Dean & DeLuca in New York… these cute as can be cookies with phone and high-tech messages … can we call them smart phone emojis or emoticons?? Sort of a sweet message you won’t delete!! And they taste super good too, double win!!

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What’s Trending ??

Stickers, trinkets, knick-knacks, toys, ornaments, tassels, keychains… anything considered a happy conversation piece to personalize and make your bag unique!! The more, the better.. pile it on and have some fun!!

Photo: Tommy Ton for Style.com

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