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It all started at the corner of Roosevelt Avenue –at exactly number 348–, where my passion took life, and where I opened my store. Oui became one of Puerto Rico’s most iconic fashion stores. Behind its windows you could always find the best, most beautiful items and design collections that the world had to offer.

Determined to find only the best for Oui, I travelled all the fashion capitals, visited the world’s most amazing designers and have been fortunate to meet the most creative and wonderful people… And I have loved every moment of it!

But I felt I needed to make a change… To take on a different route.

Avenue 348 is a natural progression, as to where I want to be at this moment of my life. This is now my inspiration, and from where I hope to continue sharing my passion for fashion: what I love and what excites me. It is also a space where I wish to document all the people, places and things that inspire me every day. I hope they inspire you too!

Welcome to Avenue 348. Let’s start a conversation.

– María Zipperle


More About Us.

At Avenue 348 we are always looking for inspiring fashion news and trends.
Feel free to contact us if you have any. We would love to hear it!

If you feel inspired by any of the images and photographs posted on Avenue 348, you are welcome to use them. But please, make sure you link them back to the blog as most images are copyrighted. Unless the image is mine, I always give credit to the illustrator, photographer or source. Please do the same if you share it.

Unless clearly stated so, Avenue 348 is not compensated by any of the brands that are featured in the blog. We only share items that we truly love and cherish.