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  • The Coveted, Part 2…

    And here they are, the most coveted from the coveted accessories as seen carried by the ultra fashionistas during the past fashion weeks…
    Seen the most… the Céline clear vinyl tote bag, vinyl coats and transparent everything… Balenciaga stretch boots in all colors and heights… Prada and Miu-Miu bags… Bright short socks under sandals… Louis Vuitton sneakers… Fendi and Louis Vuitton logomania… Flowery heights.
    Enough to keep you busy?? More soon… Enjoy!!

  • The Coveted…

    It has been a fashion shoe and handbag heaven in Milan…
    Fashionistas and show-goers to MFW have given the utmost fashion parade with the season’s most coveted and exciting accessories.. Enjoy!! More soon!!

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  • Street Style Chic…

    With the haute couture shows just recently over, and the international Fashion Weeks just about to start, a recap on some of the hottest looks from the “Crème de la crème” fashionistas attending the Haute Couture week in Paris.
    The shows outside the shows are about to begin!!

  • Shirting the Issue…

    This spring, the basic shirt has been deconstructed… the most interesting cuts and slits, unexpected silhouettes, oversized sleeves in all shapes imaginable!! Designers like Jacquemus, Monse and Marques’ Almeida have set the pace and been a changing inspiration… just be prepared to be surprised!!

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  • Objects of Desire…

    The Loewe bags designed by Jonathan Anderson for the iconic Spanish house are now considered big players in the luxury accessory market.. We have seen Loewe’s Puzzle, Goya, Amazona and Hammock bags being carried by every leading fashionista!
    And now, making the list of Spring’s objects of desire… the “See You Later” bag. Sooo super cool!!

    Photos: Vogue

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  • The SS17 Bag That’s Not A Bag…

    Now that SS17 Fashion month is a wrap, looks like next season’s “it bag” is actually not a bag at all…
    Louis Vuitton featured a new phone case, a tech-friendly version of the now famous Petite Malle bag, designed to look like the iconic Louis Vuitton travel trunks..
    This tech accessory was presented on Nicholas Ghesquière’s Instagram the day before the show and was an instant sensation!!
    Surely a waiting list has been started at Vuitton…

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  • The Fashémon Pokémon…

    It was just a matter of time!! With the Pokémon craze going on and Pokémon Go taking over the world, the Skylight fashion platform gave a “stylish spin to the game and turned style icons into favorite Pokémon pocket monsters”… So, do you Fashémon??

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  • Easy-Breezy…

    Love this look… a soft, easy- breezy dress worn with Balenciaga’s lofty espadrille platforms…
    True summer dressing!!

    Photo: Vogue

  • Marques ‘ Almeida…

    We have seen it worn by almost every “fashionista”… the ripped, frayed, distressed, raw-edged denim look, that has turned to be one of the hottest spring-summer trends!!!

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  • Heavenly Ornamentation…

    Next fall will be a season for jeweled, sumptuous, opulent hair adornments.. divine pieces by Alexander McQueen, Rodarte and Marchesa, among others, went down the runway inspiring a very surely trend in the making….

    Wednesday, April 27, 2016 Share

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  • Pink… Rosa… Rose…

    Fashion is rediscovering all hues of pink for spring!! Shocking pink, baby pink, neon pink, bubblegum pink, pale pink… so this season, think pink!!

    Saturday, April 23, 2016 Share

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  • Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring Extravaganza…

    This Dolce & Gabbana video presentation of the brand’s Flowers Eyewear Special Collection for Spring 2016 is soooo beautiful and exquisite!!
    Had to share it with you… Enjoy!!

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  • Soft Romance at Giambattista Valli…

    Floating dresses in plissé chiffon, sheer fabrics and dainty floral prints; ruffles, bows and lace… romance always reigns at Giambattista Valli’s collections. Beautifully feminine for FW16!!

    Wednesday, March 23, 2016 Share

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  • Balenciaga’s “Sampeng Bags” ??

    Demma Gvasalia’s first collection for Balenciaga FW16 has been the talk of the fashion press and fashion crowd… it has been described as influential, “couture like” and inspirational… The collection’s huge striped leather tote handbags have also been the buzz of fashionistas, and now, the hottest item in social media. Gvasalia himself described his bags as “market bags”; but how much are they like the plastic, inexpensive rainbow colored bags sold in the markets of Thailand, called “Sampeng bags”?
    Where does inspiration start and where does it end?? Thailand fashionistas, are, of course, showing their fashionable Sampeng bags with added pride. You be the judge!!

    Images:Vogue, Elle UK

    Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Share

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