In Blue by Arnaldo Roche…

In Blue by Arnaldo Roche…

These blues I love!!
Visited Puerto Rican, internationally acclaimed artist Arnaldo Roche’s exhibition at Museo de San Juan:  “In Blue: Signals after touch”; “En Azul: Señales después del tacto”, and it was an overwhelming experience! Just the size of the art pieces exhibited make Roche’s strong, dramatic, imposing style even more impressive. Using a monochromatic blue palette they are not only striking , but beautiful!!  Just stunning!!


  • John K. Grande
    January 31, 2017

    A fresh approach and dynamic style!

  • Carlos Lizardi
    February 1, 2017

    I knew Roche from the years we studied architecture. His work, then and now, reflects his restless character, his energetic intriguing personality, and his passion for life. I’d love to see him and his work again!

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