The Breathtakingly Beautiful Virgins of Sevilla…

The Breathtakingly Beautiful Virgins of Sevilla…

For me, to think of Holy Week, means to think of Sevilla, and the breathtakingly beautiful images of La Virgen Dolorosa, the weeping, suffering religious figures of the crying Holy Mother, seen especially during Holy Week; admired and revered by the faithful from all over the world…
There are so many wonderful virgins in Sevilla… each so beautiful and extraordinary!!  Just to name some of the ones I love and find hauntingly beautiful: La Macarena,  Esperanza de Triana,  Virgen de las Angustias,  Virgen del Socorro,  Virgen del Rosario, Virgen de Guadalupe,  Virgen de la Paz,  Virgen de la Victoria,  Virgen de la Trinidad,  Virgen de la Candelaria,  María Santísima de la O,  Virgen de la Consolación.
You will see many of them during the Holy Week Processions in Sevilla taking place since Monday, and ending Friday with one of the most awaited and loved, La Virgen de la Macarena.

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